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"Dr. Sharon is a dynamic speaker! She has a talent for interlacing relevant issues and scripture in a manner that truly captivates her audience. She also tempers this with wit and humor which further keeps her listeners engaged!" Barbara Wong - Prayer Palace International Church Mar 18 2019

"Dr. Sharon Arrindell shows the passion she has for the Lord Jesus when she prays, preaches or shares in a home Bible study. She knows the Word of God and shares with wisdom and boldness. She is a prolific speaker, and will share the gospel unashamedly." Dr Cecelia Harriott - Grace Fellowship Jan 17, 2022

"Excellent choice as a Christian speaker. Very empowering as a Woman of God. Has the power to address the wants and needs of Christian women and allow non-Christian women to see the need for Christ in their lives. Dr. Sharon will be a Blessing to all in the assembly." Ms. Dolores O. Robinson

"Dr. Sharon is an anointed woman of God, who speaks for Him. Continue to reach for the sky-it is the beginning!" Pastor Hope White - ALPHA BUSINESS AND EDUCATION CONSULTANTS Mar 18, 2019

"From the first day we met, there has been a divine connection between myself and Dr. Sharon! She is a well-educated woman both spiritually and naturally! She is also an anointed teacher and counselor! It is always a pleasure to be in her presence!" Brenda K Beasley - Living Word Holy Church Jan 12 2023

Dr. Sharon Arrindell is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


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